About the Firm

Colarion Partners is an investment management firm managing diverse portfolios, with particular expertise in the financial sector. The firm was founded in 2016 by Sam Haskell.

We typically look for the highest quality managements in the financial sector, and seek to invest over longer periods to allow book value to compound.

The firm will occasionally take shorter term trading positions, particularly for risk-tolerant clients.  Strategies include:

– Heavy fee-income generating companies, such as trust operations or technology-driven partnerships.

– Aggressive share repurchase situations.

– Consolidation

Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions can be answered with a firm introduction document, which we are glad to send to those interested in learning more about what we do. Besides performance, some additional questions that we commonly get include:

Do you have account minimums?
Yes – because we do not charge a carried interest and typically maintain a personal relationship with clients, it makes sense for us to maintain a threshold of $300,000 – $500,000 depending on strategy.

How do I know you would be a good fit?
Many attractive situations in financials trade infrequently, so clients should clarify their liquidity needs.

We frequently help investors who have managed their own account for some time, but prefer to free up their time, or want another set of eyes with expertise in a sector.

Do you specialize in a sector?
We manage broad portfolios or financial-sector specific portfolios. Portfolios most commonly combine individual financial stocks with a small basket of diverse securities or low cost funds.

Within financials, we invest across the sector, but typically in small companies and typically in banks, where we have more experience deciphering risk / reward.

Colarion LLC is registered to conduct advisory business in Alabama and in other jurisdictions as permitted by law.